Shaping the future of Tube & Gift set packaging

Having pioneered shaped tubes over 25 years ago Concept have been doing things differently ever since.

Concept move the boundaries by adding intelligent design to efficient supply chain solutions, working closely with our manufacturing and packing partners. Operating on 3 continents Concept manage the process to deliver a full Global supply chain solution, from constructional Design through print to shelf including lids, tooling, tube forming machinery and packing.

Of particular interest are our paper board bases as well as our ability to add shapes and contours. Our engineering capability also moves the goal posts in allowing a low cost entry to shaped tubes with very low cost tooling and the ability to produce short runs cost effectively. Ideal for promotions and Travel Retail.

If you want to control production locally then this machinery can be situated on location so that tube forming occurs simultaneously with packing at your preferred co-packer, reducing shipping and packing costs significantly.

Combining our packaging design with engineering design ensures massive flexibility for clients wanting the ability to manage packaging inventory on location to meet exacting production demands.

High quality Shaped Tubes

Exceptional high quality round and shaped tubes made from carton board, fabric and even wood as below  – all with high quality print finish. There are a number of World 1st’s below from the 1st carton-board windowed tube for Budweiser to the use of digital scodix print for Brockman’s gin. Also is a stunning use of heavy emboss creating a near metallic effect in board.


Concept Asia

Our partners in Sri Lanka are not only making high quality tubes and closures including the option of  paper board bases and board lid inserts, but they also have the engineering capability to build tube forming machinery to Concept Design (see below). This provides very competitive tooling and set up costs.

This enables Concept to offer a complete solution of Design, tooling, print and tube forming, with the option to form tubes on location at point of packing via our low cost machinery on a buy or lease basis.

Fold Flat Tubes

These are cost effective fold flat versions of the tube and change shape from square to round or hexagonal to round and are easily hand erected. Perfect for small volumes and promotions.

Fold Flat Rigid Gift Sets

High quality rigid gift boxes that are made in the UK from carton-board and are delivered flat for self assembly. Ideally suited for simultaneous assembly and product fulfillment. The carbon footprint benefits of going flat rather than rigid have proved to be as high as a factor of 10.

No shipping fresh air from around the World, turn around in weeks not months, higher quality embosses and blocking using carton board rather than paper onto board, and no up front payments for packaging. The perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint.

In every instance we design packaging that is eye catching, cost effective and efficient through the supply chain. Concept are designing £ millions of rigid gift boxes for cosmetics and beverages and delivering them through our Global partnerships.

To see a video showing how these rigid gift boxes are made CLICK HERE

Plastic vac formings v carton board inserts

To compliment our fold flat gift sets we now provide a sustainable cost efficient carton board fitment as an alternative to plastic. Not only is this tried and tested in the marketplace but it is automated for speed and cost efficiency

Added benefits include speed to market,  highly decorative print options as well as storage and distribution efficiency compared to vac formings. After extensive transit testing and engineering we now have board fitments that offer full protection through the supply chain while holding your product in place consistently.

Our fitments can be assembled off line or simultaneously while packing using our automated options.

To see a prototype machine in production showing how we automate the manufacture of fitments see below the images.


Specialty Boxes

A range of patented special products for hand or machine assembly including our unique shaped bag in box product.

For more details contact

Concept Packaging
07496 073 146

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